HAPI Drum Sound Samples

Basic sound samples of the HAPI Drum scales in different keys to evaluate each model. Click on the Hapi Drums to play each scale.
Flash Required. Built -in laptop speakers usually have poor sound quality. For the best sound experience please use good quality computer speakers or headphones.
Visit the Hapi Drum Buyers Guide to compare and hear different models of the Hapi family of musical instruments.Don’t forget to watch some Hapi Drum videos in various musical styles, with basic and more advanced playing examples of our Standard Tunings in Major and Minor Pentatonic scales, as well as our Custom Tuned scales – Akebono, Pygmy and Integral scales.
You can also have a little fun and play our virtual Hapi Drums online

Listen to the Hapi Drum Origin Scale Samples:

E-Major Pentatonic Scale audio demo

E3    F#3    G#3    B3    C#4    E4    F#4    G#4

E-Minor Pentatonic Scale audio demo

E3    G3    A3    B3    D4    E4    G4    A4

E-Akebono Scale audio demo

E3    F#3    G3    B3    C4    E4    F#4    G4

E-Pygmy Scale audio demo

E3    F#3    G3    B3    D4    E4    F#4    G4

E-Integral Scale audio demo

E3    F#3    G3    B3    C4    D4    E4    F#4

D-Major Pentatonic Scale audio demo

D3    E3    F#3    A3    B3    D4    E4    F#4

D-Minor Pentatonic Scale audio demo

D3    F3    G3    A3    C4    D4    F4    A4

D-Akebono Scale audio demo

D3    E3    F3    A3    Bb3    D4    E4    F4

D-Pygmy Scale audio demo

D3    E3    F3    A3    C4    D4    E4    F4

D-Integral Scale audio demo

D3    E3    F3    A3    Bb3    C4    D4    E4
Listen to the Hapi Slim Drum custom Akebono Scale in the key of A

The Akebono scale originated from Japan, and produces a very meditative exotic sound. It sounds great played with Western and Eastern instruments, and can be played in various styles, from Western Music to styles with an Indian / Eastern / Asian feel to them. Also availble in Akebono style scales in the Keys of F, F#, G, A and C.

Listen to the Hapi UFO Drum Scale Sample:

The HAPI UFO drum is our largest and most versatile drum. It has 11 notes and is in the C Major Scale: D3, E3, F3, G3, A3, B3, C4, D4, E4, F4, G4.