Customer Testimonials

Love the Hapi Drums, they are beautiful and sound great! I will be recording with them in the studio and playing live, and also using them on some other projects and drum and music therapy clinics. Not many instruments allow a percussion player to shine both rhythmically and melodically. Thanks so much John!

Stephen Perkins – Jane’s Addiction

As one of the most prolific rock drummers of all time, best known as the drummer and percussionist for the multi-platinum selling alternative rock band Jane’s Addiction, Stephen Perkins has added Hapi Drums to his arsenal and collection of percussion instruments.  Perkins is a much in-demand session drummer, lending his talents to albums by Sheryl Crow, Jewel, Rage Against the Machine, No Doubt, Nine Inch Nails, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and many more. Perkins spends his spare time giving drum clinics and hosting music therapy classes for the physically disabled.

Stephen Perkins
 Stephen Perkins

The popular hit TV series “Glee” used the Hapi Drum on an episode of the show.

Searching for a new and unique musical instrument for use in the series, the HAPI Drum was chosen by the musical directors, and added to their instrument collection.

Hapi Drum on Glee


Hapi Drum on Glee TV Series

John, I am very happy to use the Hapi Drums, and I will let you know which musical pieces I will use them for soon. It will be a nice surprise for you, Best Regards!

A professor at the Beijing Central Conservatory of Music, Li Biao is one of the few outstanding solo percussionists on the international music stage, with world acclaim as an exceptional soloist, ensemble percussionist and composer.

Li Biao and his percussion group were invited to perform at the closing ceremonies of the 2008 Olympic Games, and to write and record all of the percussion music for the Olympic ceremonies.

At the age of seven, Li had already performed as a soloist in many countries. With Masters Degrees at the China Conservatory of Music, the Munich Conservatory of Music, he was also the first Asian to study in Moscow at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory. He has won top awards in many international competitions, including the Debrecen Percussion Competition and the Alimata Music Competition.

In concert, Li tends to perform on more than 50 different kinds of percussion instruments, so as to reveal a fresh musical world to the audience.


Professor Li Biao
 Professor Li Biao

Yo, I got my HAPI Drum ! You’ve got to hear it, see it, love it, buy it!

Email Richards owns the world’s largest collection of percussion instruments. As Hollywood’s most sought after percussionist, he has over 2000 Film, TV and music credits. His credits span from Frank Sinatra, Joni Mitchell, Frank Zappa, The Beach Boys, Tony Bennet, Ella Fitzgerald, Bing Crosby, Marvin Gaye, George Harrison, The Doors to over 750 more artists past and present. He has played on Movie Scores written by Alfred Newman, Bernard Hermann, John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, Elmer Bernstein, Bill Conti, and Quincy Jones, Danny Elfman and 100’s more. He also regularly plays at the Academy Awards ceremonies.
Emil won the National Academy of Arts and Sciences Most Valuable Player Award for six consecutive years since it’s inception, until he was presented with its Emeritus Award. He has served several terms on the Board of Directors for the Percussive Arts Soceity and was inducted into their Hall of Fame in 1994.

Ever wondered who played the bells on Scarborough Fair? Or the snaps on the Addams Family TV show, the bongos on the original Mission Impossible TV show, or the xylophone on The Simpsons theme song? At 77, Emil Richards is still going strong, and we’re proud he’s added the Hapi Drum to his amazing palette of musical instruments!

Emil Richards, Mr. Percussion
 Emil Richards

They are truly very beautiful and so well made. I plan to purchase your whole range of Hapi Drums because I can see many possibilities in my own projects, and for my work with people with hearing challenges. The resonance and vibration from the Hapi is so alive, you’ve really contributed something very special to us all.

Multiple Grammy Award winner Evelyn Glennie is the first person in musical history to successfully create and sustain a full-time career as a solo percussionist. As one of the most eclectic and innovative musicians on the scene today she is constantly redefining the goals and expectations of percussion, and creating performances of such vitality that they almost constitute a new type of performance. In 1993 Evelyn was awarded the OBE (Officer of the British Empire). This was extended in 2007 to ‘Dame Commander’ for her services to music, and to date has received over 80 international awards.
Evelyn is the focus of the documentary film Touch the Sound, a mystical exploration of the sensory world as experienced by a renowned musician who lost most of her hearing by the time she was a teenager. Expanding on Ms. Glennie’s passionate assertion that hearing is only the most obvious component of deeper physical relationship between sound and the human body.
Evelyn Glennie
 Evelyn Glennie

I will be using the Hapi Drum for Foley and music work, mostly for children’s TV shows on Nickelodeon, Noggin, Nick Jr, etc.

A Co Director and Co Owner of HOThead, Jim has been editing since he was 5 years old when he started using an old 8 track machine he found lying around! Since then, Jim has been fundamental as a sound designer, musician, and recording engineer for spots, trailers, TV movies and features. MTV and Nickelodeon are just some of a huge range of clients that insist on Jim’s personal attention coupled with his offbeat sense of humor. He has a tremendous range of vocal fx and is a gifted Foley man as well as a winner of almost every prestigious award in the industry.
His clients include A&E, ABC, AMC, Bravo, CBS, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, Disney Channel, Espn, FX, HBO, IFC, Mtv, Nick At Night, Nick Jr., Nickelodeon, The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, Sci-Fi Channel, Showtime, Sony Records, Spike TV, Starz, Sundance, The Travel Channel, TV Land, VH-1 and many more.
Jim Stauffer
 Jim Stauffer

Dear John, I am HAPI that we have the chance to thank you for the HAPI drums, we loved the effort that all of you made for us, it made us very Happy! We will find collaboration with them interesting in the future. Sincerely, Adi Morag

International Marimba and Percussion sensation PercaDu has generated worldwide interest with their unique style of virtuoso, energetic, and intense playing, since their formation in 1996. The duo is currently on tour performing their works with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, and other esteemed orchestras around the world. The have won many awards, including First prize at the Percussive Arts Society International Competition and the Jury and Audience prizes at the International Percussion Competition in Luxembourg. Their repertoire consists of their own compositions, arrangements for percussion of classical pieces by Bach, Chopin, Ravel, Grieg, Tchaikovsky, and others, and contemporary music.

PercaDu - Tomer Yariv and Adi Morag

I purchased my hapi a few months back and simply cannot part from it. It goes everywhere with me and everybody is drawn to its incredible sound. It’s easily the most beautiful percussion instrument I have played, and I plan on purchasing many more. It sounds amazing onstage or in the studio and I would recommend this instrument to everybody!

Alan Collins- Springville, AL

also check out Alan’s music on the Hapi Tones Media Player

Alan Collins

Got my Hapi drum and can’t put it down.

My expectations were high and the Hapi has exceeded them.

It’s the perfect addition to my sonic metals collection. Great instrument…thanks.

Bill Smith – Winston-Salem, NC –

Bill Smith of Sonic Metals

I’ve had my HAPI now for approximately 2 weeks and have nothing but praise for this wonderful, inspirational instrument. Every aspect of this drum just shouts “Quality” at you. I’ve played percussion for a number of years and have always wished I could play something melodic as well, but I never had the time, or the inclination to embark on a huge learning curve that most instruments require. The HAPI has solved that problem and in the 2 weeks I’ve had it, I’ve produced several tracks (with accompanying videos….told you it was inspirational).

Rob Caralan with his Hapi Drum


I don’t even know where to start. I’m in awe. This instrument is so soothing and freeing and fun and fanatical, and a life changing experience. There’s a deep transformation occurring in connection with this drum and my personal life experiences. I feel it’s playing a profound role in molding me as I mold percussive melodies.
I realize this all sounds rather transpersonal, but I want to convey the message that you are helping people, and thus all of us (planetary).

Warren P – Ojai

As a proud owner of 3 hanghang (Hang Drums) I am delighted to have added a HAPI D major and D minor to my pallet of sound. The HAPI has its own unique, sweet, mellow chime-like sound that has joined our sounds of Hanghang and crystal singing bowls and native flutes, jews harps, wood tongue drums, Array Mbira, Gravikord, Guzheng, etc. My wife and I host regular Sound Meditations at our dome home. We are grateful that there are people like you making and offering new melodic percussion to the world in a good spirit.

Saggio – Apache Jct, AZ

I received my Hapi drum today and must say I really like it. The finish is very nice and the emblem is eye catching. I have only played about a half an hour with it and I do like the sound. I am going to purchase another one in D Major very soon. Thank you very much. I am very HAPI.

I have recorded the Hapi drum with a little reverb and Roland Surround Sound. It really records nice and sounds beautiful. I am saving for my 2nd Hapi drum now. Again I am totally Hapi with my Hapi drum and I am glad it is a part of my percussion arsenal of sounds! Thanks again for creating such an affordable, beautiful looking and wonderful sounding instrument.

Mike Gallichio with Hapi
Mike Gallichio
Glen Ellyn, IL

Mike’s YouTube videos


I’m amazed at how easy it is to play, I’m still a bit of a beginner when it comes to drumming but you just need to hit it a few times and it almost starts playing itself. I’m impressed with the quality of both the drum and the mallets…………very nice!! Most of all a big THANK YOU for the excellent service you have given me. I must say it was a big hit at the drum circle Tuesday night, everyone had their turn to play it. Within seconds of me taking it out and giving a quick demo, I had managed to kill the drum circle, the drumming had stopped and all of a sudden there was a crowd of people ooohing and aaahing and ogling over my Hapi drum 🙂

Clint – South Africa

Clinton with his Hapi in South Africa

I took the Hapi drum with me on my recent one month sojourn in Africa.  I was working mainly in Rwanda with genocide survivors and your instrument seemed to inspire singing and dancing with various groupings.You named your invention appropriately. Especially in Rwanda, where the Tutsi community is gradually lifting their spirits from a horrific past, the non-verbal and non-conceptual spirit of music was medicine indeed. One of the enjoyable processes I facilitated with the Hapi drum was to invite a participant to come into the center of the circle and first engage in a little sonic exchange. Using one mallet, I would ask a question through various notes and cadences on my HAPI Drum. Without instruction, the other person would get the line of inquiry, use the other mallet, and return the ‘answer’ in playful or soulful ways. The exchanges always lit up the room as everyone in the circle felt the current of authentic connection and artistic expression. You couldn’t do this on a violin! The Hapi Drum provided an perfect medium for the message.

Following this little interchange, I would then welcome the participant to improvise with me. Our bodies would start to move to the grooves, our eyes would lock in recognition, and the sounds of joy would make a statement that regardless of what brutality a person has experienced, some corner of the psyche can never be robbed of innocence and beauty. Thank you for sending my Hapi drum in time for my trip.
Gary Diggins – Toronto, Canada

Gary Diggins working with post genocide survivors in Rwanda
Gary Diggins on location
Rwanda, Africa

Gary Diggins working with post genocide survivors in Rwanda


Hi, I’m Asier from Spain. The Hapi arrived Yesterday and sounds GRREAAATTT !!! Thanks a lot for all.

Asier – Vitoria Alava, Spain

Asier with his Hapi in Spain

It’s a wonderful instrument that makes you forget the time, before you know it, you’re playing 4 hours nonstop!!! It’s easy and fun to play and the different techniques are easy to discover… tap it with a finger, or slap it with the complete hand, … I think everyone can make this instrument sound great! You don’t need to know a lot about percussion just let the instrument and its sound play for itself!! More advanced djembé players or other percussionists will agree with me when I say that the HAPI is a beautiful sounding instrument with a lot of possibility! Rhythms are easy to play and to compose because of the perfectly placed notes on the surface of the HAPI. I will certainly recommend this instrument to all my friends and make a nice review of it at my dutch didgeridoo site — it’s going to be a didgeridoo/HAPI site from now on 😉 And now if you will excuse me, no time to waste => it’s HAPI time!!! The FIRST Belgium HAPI player!!!
Bart, Dingo and Hapi :)
Bart De Pever –

Just received my Hapi. Thanks for sending it so promptly.  The craftsmanship is excellent.  It’s not only great sounding but great looking as well.Even your pics don’t do it justice.  I’m REALLY enjoying getting to know my “new friend.”  Excuse me now while I go to my Hapi place.

Rod Robison – Tucson, AZ

Hapi Owner Rod Robison

What a stunning instrument!

Thanks to all at Hapi Tones for such great service.

Neil -Bristol, UK

Neil with Hapi in UK

Hi John , just a quick one. Love the HAPI drum. I have been playing it almost every day and cant wait to get my next one in a different key . I have used it a few times now at a meditation retreat and everyone loved it .
It definitely has a beautiful resonance and quality to the sound . Well Done and keep up the good work.


The HAPI drum is the perfect harmonic instrument.  I have found it very easy to play and learn to compose melodies on.  It’s practice has helped me understand and improve on my personal cadence, co-ordination, and rhythm.  The excellent sonic and acoustic qualities transmitted to the body have a healing, soothing, and meditative effect.  Jamming on the HAPI drum gets me to a trance state very quickly.  I also sleep better after a session of playing it.  This is particularly valuable to me as I am a practitioner of the martial arts.  The HAPI drum is the perfect instrument to ritualistically get me to my “center” and helped me express my inner voice.  It has played an important role in the pursuit of my scholarly studies of the various martial systems I practice.  I consider the HAPI drum to be my personal playable and mnemonic “metronome”.  Highly recommended.

Richard OC – Filipino martial artist / eskrimador, British Columbia, Canada


The hapi is really awesome, I have been playing it non-stop since i got it! Just this last week I was leading worship at a bible camp and I decided to play the Hapi. WELL!! Let me tell you I literally had hundreds of people approaching me, asking me questions, getting me to teach them, and it was awesome. We played 15 different songs with the hapi, and I am planning on taking it to every church, bible camp, and jamboree that my group and I play at.

Dallas Chelick – Alberta, Canada

Dallas Chelick - Hapi Drum in the music room

Hi John,I just received my Hapi drum yesterday. I have a couple complaints. My hands are sore and I am exhausted because I was having so much fun I could not put it down!
Into the night I played, unable to contain my exuberance. Now, I am a calm rational drummer, I never get sore hands. But this morning I am typing with my toes. Hey, can you play this drum with your feet? …… great now I can’t even walk.

Knackered but Hapi!!!!

Mark – Alpharetta, Georgia

Mark's Hapi Daughter

Hey John,I received the HAPI today and it is better than I expected… larger, heavier, all around very well made [it feels good] and the sound is beautiful!

Did I mention the sounds this instrument makes?  It’s wonderful. lovin’ the instrument and my son enjoys it as well my wife!

Thank you for yours & everyones hard work at HAPI.

Musician Todd Remley with Hapi and other percussion

Hey John,As far as the Hapi Drum goes, my expectations were exceeded as soon as I unpacked the box.

The tone is downright therapeutic and the action encourages a subtle touch.  I like to damp the resonance with my non playing fingers to find different moods.

Congratulations on creating such a beautiful instrument!

Glen Davis – Tucson, Arizona

Hapi in the Stock Pond

The Hapi Drum has safely arrived! Thank you so much!  It’s a wonderful instrument and my husband and I love it very much. The tone is very intensive, when playing it with the mallets, and we love that. We play together with my Cittern and Volkers Mongolian horsehead-fiddle. Thank you, for sending us the E-minor first!  We both will play a little while (can’t part so soon of it), then send it to Berlin, to our good friend Danny, the professional drummer, as a present for the birth of his first son.   I’m excited by expectation for our 2nd Hapi, a D-minor.
Thank you for creating such a wonderful instrument!
Best wishes

Emma Montenbruck – Giessen, Germany

Our 2nd Hapi Drum has safely arrived! We are so very happy with this wonderful instrument and play it together with harp and horsehead-fiddle.

Thank you so much!

Hi John, my Hapi Drum has arrived safe and sound and beautiful. What a fantastic instrument you’ve created. I’m really looking forward to delving into all the intricacies of the sound and all of its musical possibilities. Thank you!

Kit Watkins, North Carolina

The Hapi drum arrived and it is perfect.  I love the sound AND the feel!  I am taking it with me to teach my classes this week. Used the drum again today and it was fun just watching the kids (and teachers) enjoy it.

Cheri Leach – CEO and Director of Programming, Raven Hill Discovery Center, East Jordan, Michigan

Sonically, the first thing I immediately noticed was the resonance and nice sustain of the notes.  Reminds me a bit of a singing bowl, where the momentum of the energy expended, ITSELF perpetuates the sound.

The ease in which a novice can create beautiful melodies on this drum is simply genius.

The Hapi has a much, much richer bass resonance, compared to other steel tongue drums I have played. The vibrations of the drum really radiate into the person playing, which is a whole other healing experience, much in the sense of Eastern chanting. I really love how whether one is playing a rhythmic thought-out pattern on the Hapi, or … just a bunch of utter randomness… it all sounds beautiful.

I also let a few of my friends, (who have absolutely no musical background whatsoever) play the drum, and they were absolutely thrilled and entranced that they could, so easily, produce something so beautiful with no musical knowledge at all. It’s pretty cool to see the looks on their faces that they are actually able to play something beautiful on their first try.  It’s a pretty empowering instrument.  One that I think that all schools should have, since it so easily lends itself to encouraging kids that music can be fun, easy and great to explore.  It’s such an organic instrument, that doesn’t require any knowledge of notes, or scales, or musical theory to be able to play.

Thanks so much, John, for getting my Hapi to me.  I … am very … Hapi !

Pamela Starks – Los Angeles

This is a real instrument. There are so many tones you can get by muting, slapping and whacking the Hapi with your thumb.  Really John I think you have created a wonderful thing. The quality, feel , weight, ease of use, along with the purity of the tone are all superb.  Forgive me while I mike this thing up and see how it loops…I will give you an update. Thanks for making this.

John Johnson ^j^ – Santa Cruz

The hapi drums are excellent John, the wait was well worth it. I’ll probably order a couple more in  different keys so you will most definitely hear from me in the future. The hapi playing is coming along and they are the best things i have ever owned, thanks for making that possible. Well John, I’m off to get hapi so take it easy and all the best to you and your business.

Dave Gibson – Humberside, United Kingdom

Wow! WOW! I cannot describe how happy I am with my new Hapi Drum! After so much anticipation I am completely overjoyed! This was the best investment EVER! Back to playing my Hapi! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Lots of Hapi Love,

Megan – Morgantown, WV

I had no time for email yesterday because I spent most of my evening playing the Hapi. You guys are awesome. The instrument in brilliant. As stated all the notes are placed perfectly to help you create and play perfectly. This is the most relaxing instrument I have ever played. And it relaxes everyone around you including my dog.

Thank you so very much, you guys are awesome.

Efrain Arredondo – McMinnville, OR

The drum is beautiful and in perfect condition. I had a big

party over the weekend and everyone enjoyed your creation very much. People from 2 yrs. to those in their sixties played it, and everyone had a smile as they did. One friend was struggling to play a specific song, but we told her to just play it, with nothing specific in mind. The result was such a surprise to her and was so beautiful she had tears rolling down. Thank you for the lovely instrument. It’s wonderful. Best wishes to you all.

Kit Zimmerman – Belen, New Mexico

It’s very hard to walk by it and not start playing it!

Steve “skins” Kornicks

So, I picked my HAPI up yesterday. And I am impressed by the clarity of the tones when the mallets are used, it can create a surreal effect with some delay and reverb patched through.

All in all, this was a great purchase, totally worth every dime.

Thanks for the great service and wonderful product!  Keep making Earth a HAPI planet!

Jeff Shaver – British Columbia

I just received my Hapi drum, I opened up the box and bag with my beautiful wife next to me, both of us were like kids at Christmas time , I opened it up and was blown away, two words: top quality.  I played it for literally 3 hours, and my wife kept on saying “share!! share !!!”  I love it and want to really thank you for putting this amazing instrument into our lives. You’re a true pioneer and artist !!!  And the amount of joy that I (and others that have played it) have personally experienced from this instrument there is nothing left to say but Thank You, You’re amazing!!!!

Charlie Galvano – Burlington, NJ

WOW, I got a HAPI drum! Thanks so much it arrived a few days ago…Its really fun and all my friends are enjoying it too…   🙂

Paul Cartwright – Sydney, Australia

I just wanted to let you know that the Hapi arrived on schedule and I am thrilled,  it sounds great, it sounds great, its perfect. Sorry it took me some time to get back to you, I’ve just been playing it non stop! I think I would like to order another for my birthday in march : )

Vaughn LaVoice – Beaver, PA

I received my drum and travel bag in perfect condition this morning and it sounds great! I’m going to have a lot of fun playing it. Thanks for creating these instruments and when I get good I’ll put a vid on youtube 🙂

Steven Shipton – London, UK

My HAPI drum arrived, and I love it! Thanks so much, I’m going to have a lot of fun with it.

Taylor Belote – Spokane, WA

Hi John, our Hapi arrived safe and sound right in the middle of the girl’s birthdays. Our youngest got a great birthday present a day late with her new little brother born the day after her birthday. I reckon Jasper arrived a week early because he wanted to find out what was making the great music on the outside. Of course it was the Hapi! Lots of interest at the Eumundi market when I play it in my stall.

Peter Webb – Queensland, Australia

First of all thank you very much for keeping me updated so very well during the whole time! Everything worked without the least problem and now I am a happy owner of a HAPI Drum!. It is absolutely great and I just cannot stop playing it 🙂

Best regards,
Tanya – Hamburg, Germany

Hi John, The Hapi Drum and Travel Bag both received. Thank you so much. My son loves it!! The drum has found a good home. Thanks,

Kyle Christensen – Spanish Fork, UT

Hi John!

My Hapi arrived and I am finding it difficult to put it down!  Thanks again for a wonderful instrument!

Terry – Woodstock, Georgia

Thanks a lot the Hapi has arrived in Italy to me. It is wonderful, love and blessings!

Bruno Bacilieri – Torino, Italy

Dear HAPI tones,
I Got the HAPI two days ago!! My wife and I are fighting over who gets to play it. When we aren’t playing it, my 6 year old is on it. So it never gets a moments rest. My wife wants one now.

Hamilton Ross, Misawa Air Base, Japan

Am loving it.  I’ve been bringing it to my piano lessons and letting my students jam as I accompany them softly on the piano.  I’ve also used it to create relaxation music for the end of my yoga classes.  Watch for new orders from the Binghamton, NY area!


Hello Hapitones, the hapi drum has reached me, he arrived yesterday afternoon, and it sounds great!
Thank you very much for everything, now I go back to play and play!

Jairo – Pamplona, Spain

My Hapi Drum has arrived safe and sound and beautiful. What a fantastic instrument!!
Thank you!

Karin Müller – Braunfels, Germany

Hi! The Hapi drum arrived late yesterday in good shape.
It has a beautiful tone! I know I am going to enjoy learning to play it.
Thanks very much for your great service.

Jeanne – Jacksonville, FL

Hey John. I received my Hapi and I wanted you to know that everything is fine. I can’t keep my hands off of it 🙂
Thank you for creating this wonderful little thing. Hope, we stay in touch.

Alex Friedland – Rostock, Germany

The Hapi has arrived! The color is much more attractive than I expected. It’s just perfect. I love it. Oh – and my 4 year old daughter wants one now. Thanks for sharing the love of music!

Kevin – South Riding, VA

Hey guys, I got my D Akebono Hapi Drum yesterday and played it till 3 am! It has a beautiful tone to it and with my pillow under it, the warmth really gets forced upward and I love it.

Noah – Southampton, New Jersey

Ah yes, it has become so cliche you are a bit tired of it perhaps…but here is another satisfied Hapi customer! The Hapi was left at my front door as I hoped it would be.  Very good packaging, which I immediately opened as soon as I entered my home, of course.  Despite my best efforts to stop, two hours later and I am still at it. Even playing scales sounds so lovely, it is too sweet to stop. My neighbor heard the Hapi and came right over, and immediately said, “what a lovely peaceful sound.”  The dogs and cat also were a very willing audience.  Thanks for your help, John, in selecting the Akebono.  This drum deserves a naming ceremony to celebrate its birth and new family!

Greg Alter – Richmond, CA

Thank you for the E major HAPI, it arrived today in plenty of time for our HAPI birthday party! Gotta go – gotta play! Whilst I do my LaStone therapy. I’ll place the Hapi drum on the couch by (just between) the clients feet. Music is used a lot in therapies these days.

Amber Nisbett – Ambience Stone Therapy Centre, Hertford, United Kingdom

Received the drum yesterday.  You can’t imagine the joy written all over Linda’s face as she sat, overlooking our pond, playing her drum.  Thank you for the assistance.

Dan – Parsons, Tennessee

My hapi drum arrived safe and sound and she is absolutely lovely! Such an amazing instrument that I will hold dear for many years to come. Thanks again!

Andrew – St Paul, Minnesota

Dear team from HAPItones, my ordered instrument is arrived on April 8 2009. Thank you! When I play the instrument in sunny weather on my balcony everyone looks, smiles, and feels good. Thank you for this great instrument! Best Bavarian regards,

Wolfgang Muller – Kirchseeon, Germany

My Hapi Drum arrived safely, and was very much anticipated. I was at work so my husband got to open it and play it first. No fair!! We both love it. Thank you so much, for putting this instrument into our home.

Cindy – Bountiful, UT

Greetings HAPI Tones,

The Hapi (e-minor) is arrived! And the sound is so goood! Thanks for taking good care of everything.
Now I’m going to be Hapi again.

Joris Broekhoven – Arnhem, Netherlands

THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I just got my Hapi drum. It is GREAT!
So many ways to play it. The finish is awesome! I think there is a HUGE market for this drum in Europe. Especially because the Hang drum is difficult and expensive to get.

Jesper Smidt – Coaching Psychology, Copenhagen, Denmark

Well, I’ve had the drum for about 2 weeks now and have been learning all about it. It does seem to have endless possibilities. After a few days of playing I began to feel the drum “playing” my hands instead of the other way around and that’s when the percussion part started kicking in. Now I can see it as not only 8 notes but also as a tool kit of percussive riffs varying in tone and sustain. I’m having fun! I’m making up lots of different tunes. It’s become my axe of choice! Here are some pluses I’ve noted: Durability, Aesthetic visual as well as aural appeal, Unique, Short learning curve, scale encourages simplicity and pushes creativity, No set-up time and no upkeep (no strings, drum heads, flat picks, etc.) No issues with heat or humidity. Play anywhere – in bed, in a car, on the beach.

Patti – Joshua Tree, CA

Wanted to let you know that the drum arrived! Very, very, very cool.  What fun — I can see this is going to soak up a great deal of my time now  : )  Happy Hapi time.

Eve – Toronto, Canada

The Hapi drum is a dream come true for me.  It has been quite soothing. I vowed to play it daily.  I know that it is becoming part of my daily life though.  It is indeed a HAPI drum for it brings happiness to me and the ones around me… The vibrations are so healing… I can not express what I am feeling every time I play it for there are no words to truly describe it.

My heartfelt thanks to you for your generous act, for the drum that is changing the world one note, one stroke, one vibration, one person at a time!

Iustina Aura Istrati – Omaha, Nebraska

Whoa! The HAPI is totally awesome! I am awed, this is a truly superb instrument in its own right. I love it! I had to literally pry myself away from it to write this, nothing similar out there can hold a candle to the HAPI. I can just tap it with almost any finger and the sound is just beautiful. The sound port on the bottom is a real piece of art in itself. How can you sell these so low? I love the color, and the finish is superb. I was just taking the HAPI out of the nicely packed box, and tapped a tongue by accident, and it rang! It about blew me away before I got it out of the box. I knew I had my hands on a jewel. Bottom line? Don’t buy anything less than a HAPI if you want to be happy.

Carmy – Washington State, USA

My HAPI arrived earlier this week, and it’s a great instrument. I was hooked on the Hang when I first discovered them at the start of the year, only to be deflated when I discovered how extremely difficult it is to get one! Then I found the HAPI as well. As Saggio says the HAPI is a great addition to the ‘family’ – I know that mine is a very welcome part of my sonic arsenal, and it’s going get a lot of use. Musically I have a primarily guitar / synth psychedelic background, and long drifting ambient textures suit the hapi very well indeed – so expect some of those in the near future 🙂

I have just recently received my Hapi, I’d like to say first off that it’s absolutely incredible and surpasses all my expectations, and I’m totally enthralled by it. The drum itself is fantastic and intuitive, I play Udu and Cajon as well and it only took seconds to transfer over percussive techniques to the Hapi.

Robin – Ontario, Canada

Hi John, the Hapi arrived to me happily! Everything is ok and I am glad to play and listen to its music and beautiful sounds. The Hapi came very fast to Poland and thanks again for that instrument, I know it will bring a lot of hapiness, joy and positive energy for both: players and listeners.

Monika Jaszczyk – Warsaw, Poland

Hello…  My HAPI drum just arrived this morning, and I’m having fun experimenting.
Your workmanship is very impressive! I like the tone quality when using the mallets you sent, but I’m finding I also like the sound using fairly soft timpani mallets. Thank you!

Francis – Rochester, Minnesota

Hello John I want to say that I have had my Hapi Drum here for a few days. I have to admit myself that it has inspired love in me deeply, and already I am very relaxed with it , I am knowing  it. It is my first musical instrument. Thank you very much, an embrace.

Priscila – Sevilla, Spain

Picked my drum up from the parcel depot on Friday. It was expertly packed and arrived on schedule. What a beautiful thing – and what a pleasant change to pay a such a reasonable price for something which is made with so much care and attention to detail. The logo is lovely and I also like the little paper label with serial number inside – a very nice touch. I’m very glad I ordered the bag too as I’d hate to think of something so carefully made getting damaged in any way.

Rhona – West Yorkshire, UK

My The HAPI drum arrived in great condition. I have enjoyed the time that I have been able to devote to playing the drum.  Thanks for making an affordable, enjoyable instrument.

Mark – Interwork Institute, San Diego, CA

Hi John, I missed the UPS guy by 2 minutes.  However, my son was so excited that it had arrived, we did not want to have to wait until the next day, so I went to the UPS site tonight and got the package personally. Thank you for a wonderful product.  My son is very happy with his HAPI drum and I am sure he will enjoy playing it for a long time.

Cylla – Newton, MA

John, I am happy to report that my HAPI drum arrived safe and sound. What a wonderful sound. I’ll read your instructions to increase my knowledge. thanks again.

Andrea – Milford, CT

Hey John,  Yes it has arrived and I am playing it now.  It is such an awesome instrument, I can’t wait to show it off.  Pictures don’t do it justice, it is truly beautiful. Thanks for everything.

Brian – Colorado Springs, CO

I have had my HAPI for about a week and I don’t have words to tell you how much I love it.   As I mentioned earlier, I am a thorough neophyte to playing any instrument.  The drum is thoroughly intuitive and the simplest of tone combos take me into meditative states.  It is a gift I will treasure,
and use, throughout my cronehood. Please pass my thanksgiving and joy on to the makers.  And thank you so much for responding so personally and helpfully to us.

Anne Campbell – Washington State

Just to let you know, both Hapi Drums arrived yesterday, with no problem. They are great!
Thanks again.

Miguel Cortes – Switzerland

I got my drum and I love it!!!!   The label is totally gorgeous and special and the drum is beautiful.  It has such a great feel and tone.  I am 100% “HAPI” with it.  I wish you much continued success with the drums.  Thanks so much and it’s been a pleasure corresponding with you.
Cindy – Flowery Branch, Georgia

Hello again! My Hapi came to its new home last friday. I must say that it’s an amazing instrument. I love it and so do my friends! So, lots of good vibrations from Stockholm, Sweden and myself to You!

Eva Hansson – Stockholm, Sweden

Hello john, I received my HAPI drum, and it arrived in perfect condition and I am as delighted as it sounds. It’s so wonderful. Thank you very much.

Jose Antonio Troya Gil – Murcia, Spain

We received our hapi drum and we are extremely hapi with it, our boys 18 mths and 5 yrs love it also. Thanks for making our purchase a smooth one and for keeping us informed along the way. Thanks again and take care.

Jim, Claire and boys 🙂 – West Midlands, United Kingdom

Hello, John. My HAPI drum arrived on July 25. The HAPI Drum Sound is so very mystical! I am very much satisfied with the sound of HAPI Drum. Thank you!

Ko Mawatari – Ibaraki, Osaka, Japan

Just got the hapi in the mail today, the finish is wonderful, the sound is wonderful. My daughter is quite hapi as am I. Thanks for putting together a great instrument. This drum is amazing, I can’t say enough about it, I just can’t stop playing it. OK… I have now vented my joy about the drum. My wife and I would like to get another hapi and we would like your help on what key to get. John, thanks again for this wonderful drum I know I’ll be playing it for a long long time, keep up the good work.

Michael – Illinois, US

I just have received my Hapi Drum perfectly, I like it very much, well finished. I’m waiting to finish at work to go out and play it, Thank you a lot. Yesterday afternoon in the park, all the kids that heard the Hapi ran to get closer to it, they were amazed at its sound. Probably, in a short time, I will be writing you to buy new ones.
Thank you again, and good luck with your business.

CuRRo – Sevilla, Spain

I LOVE my Hapi drum : )! The seller is great! Item is fantastic! I’m happy with my Hapi!

Gale – Washington State, USA

Just wanted to let you know the drum came and Chris loves it. The timing worked out perfectly and as promised it was at my door the day before we left. Thanks for everything!
Jean Marie – Mount Sinai, NY

Hi John, My E-Minor pentatonic arrived safely bringing great hapi-ness with it 🙂

Russ – Surrey, UK

Hey I got my HAPI drum today and I couldn’t be more pleased! Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to what you guys have in store for the future.
Lucas – Akron, OH

Greetings, just letting you know I received my Hapi drum. It’s great! Thank you.

Tara – Oregon, USA

I received the Hapi Drum, I thank you very much for it. It is SUPER!!

Jean-luc Pacaud – Cannes, France

Hello hapi tones ! My Hapi Drum arrived today. The Hapi Drum has such a good sound, I am very satisfied.

Naoto Fukugawa – Kochi City, Japan

I love the HAPI drum I purchased from you. I’m really enjoying it! Thanks!

Tom Zimmerman – Los Angeles, CA

Hey John, my HAPI Drum arrived and it sounds great!!!!!!! Thanks for your excellent service, I really appreciate it.

Jerry – Auburn, NY

Hello John,  the drum it is gorgeous in sound and looks. Thanks so much for this beautiful thing. I will have to come up with a name for her, him, it seems like an ambient and sentient being as a buddhist might say.

John – Lakeside, OR

I got the hapi drum today and I love it!! Thank you again for your help, it’s greatly appreciated! I’m thinking about getting another one in another scale sometime in the future. A Hapi customer!

Ramiro – Dixon, CA

The drum has arrived safely all the way across the continent and you now have a Hapi in Maine. pretty cool!
Thank-You very much,

Suzanne – Buxton, Maine

I received the drum today, and I am quite stoked with it.  Thank you.

Anthony – Santa Cruz

John, John, John!!!! This HAPI Drum is the most amazing instrument! I am having a ball! My husband and daughter are just amazed too! Very soothing! I am soooooooo pleased! Thank you so much and continued success! 🙂 Sincerely,

Robin – New York

Hi John, I received the Hapi drum and it is simply beautiful ! I love the way it sounds and you can’t play a bad note. Best regards,

John – Latham, NY

We received the HAPI today. Yay! My daughter thinks it is the best. She made us all sit down and listen to her performance.

Brady – Vancouver, WA

The HAPI drum has been received ! Thanks for everything!

Michael – Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

I received my Hapi Drum! I love it! Thank you for sending it early.
 – Germantown, OH

I received my Hapi drum last week and I am thoroughly enjoying it!!! Its sitting on the kitchen table. Any time anyone walks by, a few notes are played. Its really cool. Looking forward to your DVD. Thanks again.

Betty – Connecticut

Drum arrived in great shape….I can barely stand to put it down long enough to respond to this e-mail….well worth the wait! Thanks for the music.

Tony Boxwell – Seattle, WA

Dear Hapi Tones, we received our Hapi drum last week, and we are very very happy with your products! With Best regards!

Y. Teioka – Professional Percussion co. Ltd, Tokyo, Japan

Thank you for the hapi drum. It has been with me now since Saturday. What a lovely sound. Worth the wait.

Peter Kramer – Gloucestershire, UK

The HAPI is just what the doctor ordered!!! It Rocks! I can’t stop playing!

Tino – Chatsworth, CA

We got the Hapi Drum! Love the emblem! 🙂 Love the Hapi Drum, and will pass on info to my friends about it, and the excellent service I got. Keep the music going! I am very satisfied with this awesome (and beautiful!) instrument. Thanks again for this incredible instrument.

Susa – New Mexico

I received my Hapi Drum. Everything was perfect . It sounds very well. I’m happy!!

Herve – Vitrolles, France

I received the hapi Drum and it sounds beautiful !

Guillaume Meunier – Ris Orangis, France

Thank you!! Two HAPI drums reached my hand safely in Japan today. They have such a very good sound. Thank you very much.

Norihiko Nakajima – Saitama, Honshu, Japan