Play the HAPI Drum musical instrument - UFO

Hapi UFO Drum scale
D3  E3  F3  G3  A3  B3  C4  D4  E4  F4  G4

Click the notes on the Hapi UFO Drum to play!

Built -in laptop speakers usually have poor sound quality. For the best sound experience please use good quality computer speakers or headphones. Actual HAPI drums do not have numbers printed on them.


Play the tones with your mouse, have fun and get happy with a Hapi Drum.

Select a Hapi Drum Musical Instrument to play:

A-Akebono Hapi Drum - Slim

G-Major Hapi Drum - Slim

E-Major Hapi Drum

D-Major Hapi Drum

E-Minor Hapi Drum

D-Minor Hapi Drum

E-Akebono Hapi Drum

D-Akebono Hapi Drum

E-Integral Hapi Drum

D-Integral Hapi Drum

E-Pygmy Hapi Drum

D-Pygmy Hapi Drum

Hapi UFO Drum